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At AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control we have a pretty clear cut process that is tried and true allowing us to achieve the best results in the quickest possible time.

Phone Call or Website Inquiry

Everything starts with a potential or existing customer reaching out to us, typically by phone or through our website. Our highly trained, professional AMPEST administrative staff handles all such online or phone inquiries. We know if you are experiencing a pest problem, you want it resolved as quickly as possible. Our great staff is thoroughly prepared to navigate your call smoothly and efficiently and ask very pertinent questions so we can quickly get a remedy in place.

Determining the issue

Our AMPEST administrative staff is going to find out as quickly as possible on the call the reason for your call. Are you experiencing a pest or wildlife problem? We ask as many questions as possible so we can determine the kind of pest and the location or locations you are experiencing the pest problem.

Building Type?

We also want to know pretty quickly on the call if you are a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional customer type. Our administrative staff will also want to determine if you are a new or existing customer. Knowing this information helps us decide if we need to create a new customer profile in our database for you or pull up your existing file. Because we keep extensive records if you are an existing customer or have had services from us in the past we will have all of your pest service notes in the system. This helps our administrative staff in a variety of ways. We can easily see if there is a history of this existing pest problem, what type of treatment and materials were used (which is also very helpful for our technicians to know once they come out to service your location) and the frequency of treatment just to name a few.


Residential Pest Problems

Once our staff has discovered you are a residential customer, and has narrowed down your pest problem they can move quickly into providing solutions. Here’s a step by step look at what you can expect from us after we’ve determined the pest or pests problem you are dealing with and that you are a residential customer calling AMPEST.

For example if you tell us “I’ve got mice running around my kitchen” then we know, okay you need rodent control.

A phone quote is provided for what we’ve determined are services needed. Our administrative staff at this point in the call usually has enough information to provide a phone quote for the appropriate services. They will be able to walk you through all the information you will need to understand what our technician will be doing in the way of resolving your pest problem.

Schedule initial inspection and clean out service

After you’ve agreed to the phone quote we get you scheduled right away. Because we have pest control specialists located throughout the greater Chicagoland area we can typically have a technician out to you the next day or sometimes even the same day for service. For our residential customers they will immediately go into inspection mode once on your property. It’s important to not only know the pest we are trying to control but ultimately we want to find entry points so we can not just provide treatment but resolve the problem. Exclusion work may be needed once entry points are discovered.

Our AMPEST pest control specialist will then start the clean out service.

Choose appropriate treatment option

Because of the thorough investigative work our administrative staff typically does on your initial phone call our pest control technicians will have a pretty good idea what the treatment options and materials to use will be. They have the know how and ability to make changes to those treatment options once they have done a complete inspection. Our technicians will explain what they will be doing to treat the pest problem, whether it be mice, ants, roaches or other insects.

Execute the appropriate treatment solution

We always assess the pest situation and select the best materials and formulations to solve you, the customer's, specific pest situation. All of our technicians are well versed on where and how to apply materials. Our pest control specialists experience helps them determine equipment placement for a rodent especially, to effectively get the pest problem under control in as little time as possible.

If the issue is a rodent problem our pest control specialist will likely set up equipment like bait stations, glue boards, snap traps or a combination to be as effective as possible. In the case of insects the proper material will be selected for treatment, and after informing you the client on what will be treated and the area prepped treatment will begin.

Next Steps

Once treatment has been executed our technician will go through the next steps with you. Those steps could include potential follow up service depending on the pest problem and treatment option chosen. Typically with rodent work, for example, a follow up is needed to check traps, assess the situation, and determine if the problem is resolved or if rebaiting is needed. During the “Next Steps” conversation exclusion work will be discussed. Exclusion work is very important in ensuring your pest problem doesn’t recur.

Preventative Maintenance

Depending on the pest problem our pest control specialist may suggest some form of preventive maintenance option so that your pest problem remains resolved. Preventative maintenance helps give you our valued customer peace of mind knowing your home is protected.


Commercial Pest Control

The initial phone call and preliminary questions are going to be similar for our commercial customers but our approach once we’ve determined what type of commercial client you are will be a little different than with a residential customer.

Because of the nature of commercial properties and their vast differences and business types our commercial pest control approach is going to be catered to the specific needs of not only the pest but also the property.

On Site Inspection

For all commercial calls we typically offer a free inspection from schools to restaurants, and hospitals to hotels every pest problem is very unique and each location has specific needs that need to be determined which is virtually impossible over the phone. That’s why for commercial, industrial, and institutional customer calls we right away want to get a site inspection scheduled. For commercial callers who haven’t had service provided by AMPEST before an initial inspection is free. A restaurant is going to need a different solution than a refinery for example, that's why a site inspection is so important. Our pest control specialists need to physically see the property so they can best assess the proper course of action.

Initial Clean Out Quote

Our AMPEST pest control specialist, after a thorough inspection will provide a quote for any initial clean out work. This can be as simple as a handwritten quote for a smaller job to a much more detailed typed proposal that gets emailed to the appropriate person(s) for larger properties and facilities.

Ongoing Preventative Maintenance Quote

Almost all commercial clients are on an ongoing maintenance program, so along with an initial clean out quote a preventative maintenance quote will be put together for your specific locations needs. Our commercial maintenance solutions are typically a monthly service but frequency can be customized to the specific needs of any individual customer.

Provide Service

Once a contract is signed for the initial clean out and any ongoing maintenance solutions our pest control technicians get to work.


Once a contract is signed for the initial clean out and any ongoing maintenance solutions our pest control technicians get to work.

All of our pest control services come with a complete service report whether you’re a residential or commercial customer. The service report includes detailed notes pertaining to the specific service will be emailed to the customer, that's routine. We stress detailed notes on what was done. All the other information is on the service report as well, as far as time to and from, materials used, amounts of materials used and so on. For our commercial customers that we have logbooks for these details will end up in the logs as well.

Whether you have a commercial or residential pest control problem we have a great tried and true process to get your problem resolved quickly. From initial call to completed service to ongoing maintenance, AMPEST has decades of experience that allows us to provide you not only with excellent customer service but amazing results.