AMPEST Servicing Residential Wildlife Customers

We provide wildlife control services for a plethora of wildlife animals (see more on our wildlife identification page). When you have a wildlife issue whether it be a skunk, raccoon, squirrel, opossum, or any other wildlife problem you can count on AMPEST to get it resolved quickly and efficiently.

Residential wildlife control usually starts with a phone call. We start the phone call with a series of questions to find out what’s going on. We want to identify the problem and determine if it's really a problem that needs to be solved right away. For example sometimes a skunk will spray but then leave the area. No need for us to come out and try to trap the animal if it’s no longer present. We aren’t in the business of charging people just to charge them. You work hard for your money and so do we. That's why we really try to ask as many pertinent questions as possible when we have you on the phone.

Once we’ve determined that, yes there is a problem, we send a wildlife specialist out for an inspection. We always start with an inspection, a thorough inspection, that often includes the roof, attic, foundation, your homes perimeter, etcetera. Our technicians are looking for entry points and signs of nuisance wildlife. They are looking for footprints, chew marks, digging, droppings, things of that nature that tell us, yes there is wildlife present and we need to address the issue.

Now that our DNR permitted wildlife control specialist determines there's a problem we can move forward. Now that our wildlife control specialist is confident that it is a nuisance wildlife problem and we know what it is, we identify it's squirrel, it's raccoon, it's skunk, whatever it is, our technician would then explain our six day trapping program which is usually the next course of action.

Six Day Trapping Program

For our AMPEST six day trapping program there's a service agreement. We have to have a service agreement in place for wildlife control because the state requires one. We collect upfront the fee for the initial six day trapping program. Our six day trapping program is full service trapping where we proceed to set the appropriate sized traps as close to the entry point as possible, with the right bait for that species of nuisance wildlife. Once the job's set, we come back each day for the remaining five days of the six day trapping program. We remove animals, re-bait traps, reset traps and keep you, the customer, updated on a daily basis as to the status of the trapping program and what we've trapped and how things are going. If after the six day basic trapping program is up and we have not trapped the nuisance animal, we continue on for three days and two nights at no additional charge.

We also include two animals in our six day trapping program. That’s two trapped and removed animals off of the property. A lot of companies charge per animal. Here at AMPEST we include two animals in our six day trapping program. If we start to trap more animals and the count of trapped animals goes up to three, four, or five animals there is a per animal charge on anything over the two animals included in the standard six day trapping program. Our goal as AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control is to solve the problem.

Raccoon, Procyon lotor, in an animal trap
Virginia opossum, Didelphis virginiana, in a trap
A groundhog in a trap. Fitting punishment for eating my garden.

Is exclusion work needed?

We also look to see if there's damage done by the nuisance wildlife, which could result in the need for entry points to be sealed up. We would provide a quote for exclusion work which is usually determined on day one after we've conducted the wildlife inspection. We provide a quote to do exclusion work, to seal the entry points up after the activity, after we've solved the problem. After we've trapped the animal or animals we talk with you to see if there's any remaining noise being heard. Oftentimes it's noise in the attic that triggers the initial phone call to us from a residential customer. Usually a call for noise in the attic means it's the usual suspects, squirrels or raccoons. Sometimes noise in the attic is a result of mice which would be a completely different approach that's why the initial inspection is so important. It allows our wildlife control specialists to accurately diagnose the pest or wildlife culprit. The best way to handle a wildlife issue is to first identify what's going on and what animal is causing the problem, remove that animal and ensure your home is animal free, and immediately seal the entry points so the issue doesn’t occur again.

Residential Wildlife Guarantee

We do provide some guarantees with the wildlife service. If we go out and do an inspection, a wildlife inspection, and we don't believe there is a problem, we determine that the noise heard in the attic, we think is mice. So we'll offer to bait the attic for a nominal fee in addition to the inspection fee. And then we'll follow up on that service for 30 days. if our determination was incorrect and it is after all a squirrel, for 30 days you can apply the inspection fee towards the trapping program. So that's not lost money. If the problem with the nuisance wildlife animal was there for a night, we came out and inspected, it's not there now but it rekindles, it comes back, two weeks later or three weeks later, then again that inspection money can be applied towards the six day trapping program. Again our goal is to solve your wildlife nuisance problem.

Why Residential wildlife control is important

Getting a wildlife issue under control quickly should be a top priority for any homeowner dealing with a wildlife problem. As humans continually encroach upon the natural habitat and living environments of these wildlife creatures they look for new places to live. Living in the Chicagoland area the suburbs are ever expanding and new homes and subdivisions are going up all the time. That means when wildlife habitat changes these creatures are forced to make their homes in places where they shouldn’t. Unfortunately for these creatures they don’t know they shouldn’t be living in our attics, under our porches, in our garages or other places these animals typically turn up on our residential properties. Most of these wildlife animals reproduce very rapidly so a problem can get out of hand rather quickly if not addressed. This is why residential wildlife control is so important. It’s also important because many of these creatures carry diseases like distemper and rabies or carry insects that carry diseases like fleas, ticks, and mites. Raccoons can carry roundworm, which if it gets into the human eye can cause blindness.

Wildlife issues are important to remedy quickly because of the damage that can be done to property as well. Squirrels for example chew. They chew on electrical wires which can even lead to a house fire. There's also the contamination of their waste. Squirrels are rodents so urinating and defecating at will. Raccoons too, if in an attic, can leave fecal matter behind. Raccoons are notorious for ripping up boards and shingles and can do significant property damage. So wildlife nuisance animals can cause serious damage to residential property.

Can’t I take care of my Wildlife problem myself?

The fact is there are laws and regulations that the Department of Natural Resources has in place. If you are looking to trap an animal on your property the DNR requires you obtain a permit. There are also laws that forbid relocation of some wildlife species, especially nuisance wildlife. There's also the Illinois Dead Animal Disposal Act which regulates how you are to dispose of a dead animal. And there are even more regulations we haven’t touched on. Any number of these come with pretty hefty fines. There are numerous rules, regulations, and guidelines in place by the state or other government departments like the DNR. That’s why it's really something that's better left up to a professional nuisance wildlife specialist to handle.

We’re always ready to help with your wildlife problem, give us a call. AMPEST has been servicing residential customers for decades when it comes to wildlife control and removal. We have, or obtain, all of the needed permits and licenses, we know the laws and what we must do to work and operate with in those laws, and we have expert wildlife specialists who know what they’re doing. It's best to trust the wildlife control to the experts so just call AMPEST, we’re here to serve you.

AMPEST provides Peace of Mind to residential wildlife service customers

In most cases when a residential customer calls us there's a real urgency. People have even moved out of their homes because there was a raccoon in the attic or a squirrel stuck in the walls. We understand the need to get back into your home and have it be nuisance animal free. That's why we have a very quick response time to calls, especially wildlife calls, typically we can be out for an inspection within 24 hours or less in most cases. Having an animal in your walls or attic can leave any homeowner just short of frantic. We are here to take care of any wildlife problem you have, quickly, professionally, and effectively. Our goal is to resolve the issue as fast as we can for any of our customers.

Happy Client

"Had a Vole problem in my backyard and called AMPEST after being recommended by another family. They were able to come out quickly and Joe started the process right away and explained in detail what was going to happen. After a couple weeks - it looks like the problem is under control. Price was right, customer service was above and beyond and most importantly there were results! I'd refer AMPEST to anyone looking to take care of a pest problem! Great work!"

Check out our wildlife identification page to learn more or see the full list of wildlife animals we provide services for