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AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control offers services for not only the primary nuisance wildlife animals but also certain birds as well as many other occasional problematic wildlife animals and reptiles. Our administrative staff works with you to determine, as best possible, over the phone what animal, bird or reptile is causing the need for wildlife control. Identification is important for wildlife control for many reasons. If our wildlife control specialists will be trapping we need to determine as best as possible what size traps to bring on the service call. If it's a wildlife issue with a creature that requires a special permit like some of the birds we help control we need to know that too so our team can help start or initiate the process to apply for those additional needed permits. Identification and location of the problem can help us know what service will be best for your specific wildlife control need. We’ve broken down our wildlife identification to the primary nuisance wildlife, bird wildlife and occasional problematic wildlife creatures. If you don’t see the creature on this list or are uncertain what the identification of the wildlife animal is, no worries we can still come out and inspect and take care of your wildlife issue.

Primary Nuisance Wildlife


Skunk of course are very noxious. Skunks are a ground wildlife nuisance animal. They spray, it smells, often the smell can linger throughout the property and even the structure if the spray hits a wall. It’s important to get the skunks removed quickly. Skunks have sizable litters ranging from two to ten young. Because skunks have such large litters, typically in the spring, its important to call us to get them removed quickly before the problem gets out of hand. Skunks are also a primary vector (carrier) of rabies. So if you have a skunk problem it's important to call in wildlife control professionals like AMPEST to take care of the problem fast.

Young Striped Skunk



What makes raccoons such a nuisance is they are not only diggers, but they also are excellent climbers. Because they are diggers raccoons can be found under sheds, decks, detached garages, porches and other objects. Raccoons are scavengers too so they often can be found around garbage cans and dumpsters looking for food scraps. Additionally raccoons can be found inside homes and garages typically ceilings and attics because they are such good climbers. Raccoons are one of the top nuisance wildlife animals we deal with as a wildlife control company.


Squirrels of course are even better climbers than racoons so they are usually found in high places. Being in the rodent family squirrels have the need to chew to keep their incisors in check. They can chew small holes and make them larger so there’s easier entry in places like eaves, soffits, and other roof locations. Squirrels also reproduce rapidly because they are rodents. Squirrels are another primary nuisance wildlife animal that we deal with regularly. Once a squirrel or squirrels get into say an attic they can also make their way into walls causing damage but also leaving homeowners restless and nervous. We’ve had to cut holes in homeowners walls to extract and trap squirrels numerous times. Squirrels can be a real pain for any homeowner. 

A grey squirrel perched on a fence.

We have extensive experience with all of the primary nuisance wildlife animals. Whether your problem is skunks, squirrels, or raccoons AMPEST is well suited to provide relief and eliminate your wildlife problem.



At AMPEST we provide bird control for woodpeckers, Canadian geese, and pigeons just to name a few. We provide woodpecker control services. Woodpeckers a federally protected bird, and we have to guide the homeowner or the business owner or the owner of the structure through the process of trying to detour the woodpecker through flash tapes or different things we do. And then if they take pictures of that, they can fill out a form online and get a permit to trap woodpeckers that are persistent in damaging the property. And once they obtain that, then we actually can trap the woodpeckers. But they're a federally protected bird.

AMPEST wildlife control specialists are permitted for Canadian goose nest and egg removal and that takes an additional permit over and above your class A nuisance wildlife control permit from the DNR. A waterfowl permit is also needed to do that type of Canadian goose work. Several of our guys are permitted to do a Canadian goose nest and egg removal.

goslings jumping off a ledge with their parent into the water

Occasional Nuisance Wildlife


Cute swimming beaver in murky lake water


Eating Muskrat ( Ondatra zibethica ) in sunset light. Autumn season.
A groundhog in a trap. Fitting punishment for eating my garden.


Spirng mole  and molehill in the garden





Cute wild chipmunk holding peanut with paws and eating
Meadow Mouse

Meadow Mouse

Three sleeping bats on rafters of Tipton place, Smoky Mountain National Park



Red Fox


coyote alone on a deserted street
Canadian geese in the park. November 3'rd

Canadian Geese

pigeon bird control




Snapping Turtles

Snapping Turtle