Can Wildlife Damage My House?

What having a wildlife infestation may cost you

Can Wildlife Damage My House?
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The majority of small and medium sized wild animals will approach human-made structures

Many wild animals are not afraid to approach structures on your property. They look to take shelter and have access to water and food. In doing so, they can and often will cause costly damage to the house, garage, shed, etc.

Preventing them from ever getting in, is the safest bet in this case, but if you already suspect you have a wildlife problem, here is a list of the most common detrimental outcomes you can expect to find in your property structures.

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Roof damage caused by wildlife

The roof is a typical entry place selected by wild animals and for good reason. Most of the roof area is out of sight and squirrels, raccoons and other animals alike will get easy access through hanging tree branches or gutter lines. If the animal is a good climber, chances are they will search up there for easy access. They will target vulnerable areas that have signs of decay or rot, as well as mold and humidity. 

Dexterous animals like raccoons are prone to rip up pipe mats and shingles, and rodents like squirrels or mice will chew through almost any material and will only need a small entry point. Birds and bats can also cause damage. Shingles are especially vulnerable to birds because of the acidic nature of their feces that will eventually disintegrate it.

Insects hives and colonies are also detrimental and often very difficult to detect. Just The weight of a honeycomb could be too much for your ceiling and carpenter ants will rapidly and irreversibly  damage the wood in your roof.


The typical range for roof replacement can be between $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the damage. The best way to save yourself the expense is to address your wildlife problem before it is too late. Make sure to contact professionals since wildlife trapping and control must be carried out by certified specialists.

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Fascia and Soffit Damage caused by wild animals


These parts of the structure tend to decay easily under adverse weather conditions and most animals will take advantage of this to make their way inside your home. Birds and squirrels are particularly drawn by shabby soffit because rooting wood is much softer and easier to penetrate.

Depending on how much damage has been sustained, soffit replacement or repair may range from $200 to $6,000, give or take. That’s why checking them with regularity and calling for an inspection if wildlife intervention is suspected, is the most effective way to reduce or save the cost.

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Wall damage caused by wildlife

The most popular spot for animals of all kinds is the soft interior of a wall provided by insulation materials. If a wild animal gets to this warm and secure space, it’s likely they'll thrive and cause more and more damage with time, since their droppings will quickly contribute to the decay of the area. Not only the damage itself would be costly but the energy efficiency will be compromised causing your energy bill to go up and chewed wires will create a potential fire hazard to increase the fire hazard.

The average price for wall insulation per square foot is $1.50. On top of that you will have to include the installation price, and wood and other materials that might need replacement or repair.

Carpenter ants, bats, rats, squirrels, raccoons and many other animals will easily install themselves inside your walls if given the chance. If you already hear scratching coming from the walls or the attic, call an expert now to schedule an inspection. The sooner you take that step, the greater will be your savings on expensive repairs.

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Vent and electrical damage caused by wildlife


Wild animals will often gain access to your home by crawling into venting systems. Oftentimes, rodents are the ones who will take advantage of their size and cause the most damage. The most destructive habit displayed by these tiny creatures is their gnawing. They will damage electrical installations and the frayed, bare wires that are left behind represent a great fire hazard.

Vent repairs will cost approximately $100 to $250, and electrical wire repair may go from $100 to $1,000, depending on the extent of damage and severity.

AMPEST specialists are very used to finding vent related entry points to human made structures as this is one of the most common problems you can face by leaving wildlife issues unchecked. Make sure to call us if you suspect a pest related problem.

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Attic damage caused by wild animals

The attic is that part of the house targeted the most during cold seasons since they’re a great place to have litters and raise them until they’re ready to leave their mothers. Opossums, racoons, squirrels, bats, mice and all sorts of other animals will jump at the opportunity to have a safe warm space to deliver their little ones.

That means torn air ducts, torn insulation, shredded wires, chewed wood and piping. You'll also find trails of feces and urine posing a health threat and an odor issue. 
Combined, the attic repairs after one or several wild animals have been living there could potentially go well up to thousands of dollars. That is why it is vital to act upon any signs of a wildlife infestation. Call AMPEST today if you have any questions regarding wild animal control, trapping and removal.

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