Pest Control

At AMPEST Exterminating and Wildlife Control we break pests down into a few different categories.

We have our usual suspects we are always dealing with; ants, roaches, and rodents (mice and rats). Then we have our occasional invaders which would be stink bugs, box elder beetles, Asian lady beetles, earwigs, silverfish, fire brats, spiders, crickets, spring tails and clover mites. Our next category of identification is our stinging insects, these are bees, paper wasps, yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, and any other flying stinging insect. We have flies which, and we could get more technical but are basically broken down into small or large flies. Then we have our human parasite insects, namely bed bugs and mosquitoes.

AMPEST Exterminating is well versed in controlling and solving all of these pest problems our residential and commercial customers experience.

  • Ants
  • Rodents
    • Mice
    • Rats
  • Roaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mosquitos
  • Ants
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Paper Wasp
  • Bald-Faced Hornets
  • Stink Bugs
  • Box Elder Beetles
  • Asian Lady Beetles
  • Earwigs
  • Silverfish
  • Firebrats
  • Spiders
  • Crickets
  • Springtails
  • Clover Mites
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