Wildlife Control Processes

Our wildlife control process for AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control is fairly simple and straightforward. Like our pest control process everything starts with an initial customer call or inquiry.

One of our AMPEST expert administrative staff will quickly want to determine on the call if you are having a pest or wildlife problem.

Four Objectives in Wildlife Control:

  1. Determine the wildlife species
  2. Learn what is the actual problem you're having with that wildlife species. I.E. Raccoon in the attic, skunk under deck, geese nesting on property, etc.
  3. Set a wildlife inspection appointment
  4. Execute Grab N Go or initiate our AMPEST 6 day trapping program
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AMPEST Wildlife Process

So we've been through the phone conversation and determined it’s a wildlife issue. We're identifying what species it is on the phone if at all possible and more specifically what type of wildlife problem. We’ve found that about 25% - 50% of the time the caller will know what it is and where it’s coming and going from. If they know that they tell us if they don't, we ask a series of questions to help try to figure it out and make an education determination. We then set an appointment. We’re either going to just simply set traps because we know it is a raccoon in an attic or to inspect to determine what’s going on. The goal of the inspection is to try to identify what's going on and then take it from there.

It’s important for us to learn what the species is we’ll be dealing with, because that will tell us a few different things. Knowing the species tells us what size traps we’ll need, what baits to use, and if we need to acquire any additional permits.

For wildlife control our process is to get the initial inspection done as soon as possible so we can go about resolving your wildlife issue. When it comes to our wildlife control process it’s pretty much the same for residential and commercial customers.

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Commercial Wildlife Process


For commercial customers things typically start off much like a residential customer call would. We try to identify the wildlife creature that's causing the problem. Typically with commercial customers we usually need some additional information. We’ll need to know the contact person for the commercial building or facility, this can be a property manager, maintenance guy or other person who will be letting us in.

Will we need any access information to go through security or a gate, or any other detail like that. Do we need to call ahead to inform the contact person we are on our way, etcetera. Other than some of these additional pieces of information we may need for commercial customers the wildlife control process is practically the same for any wildlife control customer.

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Executing The Wildlife Process

Often our wildlife control specialist will determine after the initial wildlife inspection that a 6 day trapping program is needed. We collect the basic trapping fee at the time of initial trap setting. The initial inspection fee is applied to any trapping charge. We then proceed to check the traps regularly over the 6 day trapping program. To learn more about our 6 day trapping program check out our wildlife services page.

In summary our AMPEST Wildlife Service process looks like this:

  1. Identify wildlife species if possible.
  2. Determine wildlife problem.
  3. Set a wildlife inspection appointment.
  4. Execute Grab N Go or initiate our AMPEST 6 day trapping program.
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Vent and electrical damage caused by wildlife

The attic is that part of the house targeted the most during cold seasons since they’re a great place to have litters and raise them until they’re ready to leave their mothers. Opossums, racoons, squirrels, bats, mice and all sorts of other animals will jump at the opportunity to have a safe warm space to deliver their little ones.

That means torn air ducts, torn insulation, shredded wires, chewed wood and piping. You'll also find trails of feces and urine posing a health threat and an odor issue. 
Combined, the attic repairs after one or several wild animals have been living there could potentially go well up to thousands of dollars. That is why it is vital to act upon any signs of a wildlife infestation. Call AMPEST today if you have any questions regarding wild animal control, trapping and removal.

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