Asked Questions

Will the treatment be safe around my kids/pets?
Do we need to leave during treatment?
Is there an odor?
Does the treatment stain?

All of our interior treatments are odorless, non-staining, and safe for people, pets, and plants when applied according to label directions by an AMPEST trained professional.

What is this (pest or animal)?

ID made by management (Wildlife expert and Associate certified entomologist on staff) if possible by the photo.

How do you treat for ?? and how much$$?

Description of recommended service is offered along with a phone estimate

Why doesn’t AMPEST put traps inside the attic?
  • it can be messy and may cause unnecessary problems by transporting equipment and animals into and out of the interior of a structure.
  • trapping outside near the identified entry/ exit points is the best approach.
  • less hassle for the customer, no appointments needed after initial inspection (customer is updated daily on progress of trapping program)
  • more effective outside in natural environment, changes or disruption in the attic space can put nuisance wildlife on alert and make them weary.
What do you do with the animals?

Ampest follows all DNR guidelines pertaining to relocation. Every effort is made by AMPEST to handle wildlife in the most humane way possible.

Do you seal up the wildlife entry points?

A quote for necessary exclusion work will be provided after the initial wildlife inspection.

What if you don’t catch the target animal?
If the initial wildlife inspection reveals that no trapping is needed, the customer will have 30-days after the inspection to apply the inspection charge to a trapping program should it become necessary.
If after initiating our full service trapping program the target animal is not trapped and the problem persists, AMPEST will continue trapping for an additional 3-days / 2-nights without any additional charge.
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