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Interested in protecting your home from spiders, stink bugs, Asian lady beetles and more?

The AMPEST Extermination & Wildlife Control Approach

Our approach to pest extermination and wildlife control, and the reason we're in business, is to solve problems, not just offer temporary relief. Really that's the crux of how we operate as a company. Every customer that we engage with we make sure we spend the proper time with them on the phone to try to identify their specific needs.


How can AMPEST help with your pest or wildlife issue?

And many other questions are asked to determine the appropriate course of action. We don't like to charge customers for something they don't need. We take the time to make sure you really have a problem that needs to be addressed and what exactly that problem is. We also try to positively identify what pest or wildlife animal is causing the issue. We spend a lot of time on the phone with every customer, especially new customers asking an array of questions.


Once we take on a service problem we're out to solve it and we work at it until the customer is happy to the end. We just don't give up. We work until you are happy and the problem is solved. This approach is key in satisfying our customers. A great sense of relief is experienced by all of our customers knowing the issue is taken care of professionally. This is especially true with wildlife control which typically has a strong sense of urgency.


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The AMPEST approach is to not just treat symptoms,
we focus on how to solve your pest and wildlife problems

Happy Client

"Lenny is always on time, thorough with his work and extremely knowledgeable about all pest questions I might have! He is absolutely the best technician I have ever had!"

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