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A great benefit to working here at AMPEST as a Pest control and Wildlife Specialist is the flexibility, freedom, and benefits.

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Our pest and wildlife control professionals end up being fairly independent.

Our pest and wildlife control professionals end up being fairly independent. Our technicians are pretty much route managers. That's what we've looked to ultimately establish with our employees, is to get them to that point, an effective route manager. We're confident that we're sending out a person that is going to do the job properly and then we're also looking for good customer service skills. In this day and age someone looking to work for AMPEST would have to be able to navigate some software, a tablet, email and a phone.

Why work at AMPEST

  • Paid for ongoing education
  • Provided uniform
  • Company cell phone
  • Company tablet
  • Business cards
  • IRA retirement plan with company match up to 3%
  • Health insurance through BCBS

  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Sick/personal Days
  • In some cases company vehicle
  • For technicians company gas card
  • Income earning potential over
  • $60,000/year
  • Office Check-in 1x a week

One of the benefits of working at AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control is the fact that we offer health insurance, and a retirement plan with a company match.

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Even though we are not required to provide health insurance being a small business with less than 50 employees, we do. We do pay for 50% of employee premiums for their healthcare. The health insurance we currently provide is through Blue Cross Blue Shield.


We offer an employer provided retirement plan through a Simple IRA, which is a type of IRA, with a company match. The company match for the IRA retirement plan is currently at 3%, dollar for dollar up to 3% of your earnings.


We offer paid holidays, currently six paid major holidays a year. AMPEST offers a great vacation package for our employees. Paid vacation is a graduated amount of vacation days for the first year depending on the date of hire. Then going into the next year of service it’s two weeks vacation minimum then three weeks vacation after five years.

Our vacation pay for an AMPEST employee who has served for 10 year increases to four weeks and then five weeks after 20 years of employment. AMPEST employees also receive a sick/personal day once a quarter, which if it is not taken or used is paid out as a bonus for being consistent.

Most of our pest and wildlife control specialists receive a company vehicle that they take home, this is a big benefit of working for AMPEST. We don't charge for that either. Technicians who have the privilege of a company vehicle typically receive a gas card as well. So our pest and wildlife control employees are pretty well taken care of, and our pay structure is, I venture to guess, one of the best in the industry. I don't know of any other company that pays the maximum percentage. Some of the major pest control companies, they max out at 25%, we currently beat that max. That can be huge to a technician that's productive.

Hourly rates for wildlife are fairly significant. Most of the guys are in the mid-$20 an hour range. Some are way past that. AMPEST is proud to say that we have technicians that make over $60,000 a year, with the potential to earn even more.

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AMPEST is a great place to work because we are just a friendly, family-oriented company. We have one main office. We require our pest and wildlife control specialists to check in once a week. Other than that they're in the field communicating through their company-issued cell phone, text message, Voxer. We use an array of ways to communicate. Schedules are provided each evening on their tablet and also via email. A great benefit of working at AMPEST is only requiring a once a week office check-in. The weekly check-in is to turn in paperwork and to pick up your check stub. We also offer direct deposit for employees, which is really appreciated. The 1x a week check-in basically is for turning in paperwork and picking up supplies and discussing any issues if needed. Working here at AMPEST is a great opportunity for anyone who is hard working, dependable, enjoys flexibility, and independence to some degree, but also seeking a company where they can earn a good income.

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