AMPEST provides exclusion work for both pest and wildlife issues.

AMPEST provides exclusion work for both pest and wildlife issues.

We do insect exclusion work, that's finding entry points which are usually small cracks and crevices. Typically with these small cracks and crevices, caulking and other materials are used. Then onto rodents, we do a lot of rodent exclusion. We're pretty good at it. The exclusion work for rodents would be a little bit bigger gaps and small holes. And then, wildlife exclusion, or wildlife entry points. Holes, animal holes where they’ve gotten into a structure whether its a home or other building. AMPEST is well versed in exclusion work because we do a lot of it, from insects and rodents to wildlife.

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Pest Exclusion

Pest exclusion work can really be broken down into two categories: insect and rodent.

Insect exclusion work is needed if insects are getting into a home or building. Insect pest exclusion, for example, stink bugs, can be a real necessity. Once the pest gets inside the wall voids, then they come out on warm days throughout the winter, one here, one there, through the entire winter. It warms up, they start moving, eventually one finds its way into a little crack around a window or door frame and it's inside. But the recommendation for stink bugs is to do a power spray in the fall to try to kill them before they get into cracks and crevices, and get into the wall void, and or through screening, attic vents, attic fans, soffit vents, things like that.

Pest Exclusion

If you’re wondering “What can I do to really keep these insect pests from showing up in the winter?” the answer would be a power-spray along with exclusion work. This combination service also helps with stinging insects. Stinging insects like bees, wasps, and hornets can also get into the voids in siding or can even enter a home through deteriorated grout on a brick home. Other entry points for insects can be window and door frames, and any other crack or opening that exists on a building. Our exclusion work for some of these situations would be to seal up cracks around window frames, door frames, anywhere an insect, which is fairly small in most cases, can get in and even look at screening on whatever, anything from soffit vents, to attic vents and attic fan. And vents obviously a screening is a must and cracks would again be an instance of using caulking. Our pest control technician will assess the situation and determine the right exclusion work needed to keep insects out.

Rodents are another pest that we get a lot of calls for exclusion work on.

Rodents are another pest that we get a lot of calls for exclusion work on.

We’ve done a lot of rodent exclusion work so all our pest control technicians are well trained in what to look for and how to properly handle rodent exclusion for our customers whether residential or commercial. Another problem with rodents getting inside your home, business or institution is their constant chewing. Because rodents need to chew, due to their incisors constantly growing, the materials we use for rodent exclusion work will typically be a little bit different than just insect exclusion materials. Rather than just caulking and screening, now we’re going to be using specific material just for rodent exclusion.

It's called Xcluder, it's a steel wool material that is rust resistant. It's cut so that, it's specifically for rodents so that it pokes them if they try to chew through it, and they're not getting through it, and you stop gaps with Xcluder. The rodent will give up trying to get into an entry point that has been stopped with Xcluder. There's a couple of different products out there, but Xcluder is what's commonly used. To further remedy the problem with rodents getting into a property we may overlay that with foam, a professional grade foam, which comes in two colors, either black or beige. These are the most common rodent exclusion materials we use, Xcluder and a foam product. This typically gets the job done and when executed properly by our professional pest control specialists, eliminates the problem.

Occasionally there might be some other gaps that might need to be sealed with metal flashing. This is definitely the case when it comes to dormers and soffits and other places where roof joints meet. Rodents, especially mice can climb walls so its important, for proper rodent exclusion, to make sure these types of openings are sealed as well. Mice crawl and can go right up brick walls. That’s why our technicians have ladders on their trucks. A problem can’t be solved if it can’t be reached or seen.

Our AMPEST technicians use ladders to properly inspect and investigate so their exclusion strategy is complete and effective for each unique customer case. We’ve run across instances where insect screening was in place in the gable vents but mice had chewed holes right through it. That's why an inspection is so important. In this homeowners case we recommended that we re-screen the gable vent, but with a thicker gauge wire mesh rather than insect screening. That solved the problem and kept not only the insects out but also the mice.

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Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife exclusion, which is anything from Dig Defense, for ground digging animals, up to attic vent covers and attic fan covers.

Wildlife exclusion, which is anything from Dig Defense, for ground digging animals, up to attic vent covers and attic fan covers.

We install these types of covers to aid in wildlife exclusion. Now raccoons can rip their way or push their way in through the blades of an attic fan. Raccoons can be a bit crazy, and they have some fierce determination. Raccoons can do a lot of damage. Other wildlife exclusion includes patching squirrel holes with some wire mesh. AMPEST is also one of very few pest control companies that will do bat work. We help remove the bat or bats from a building but only during the legally appropriate time of the year. That's right if you have a bat problem you need to make sure its remedied in early spring because legally they are protected during the summer months and we wouldn’t be able to remove and then exclude them til the fall. But unlike most companies we do handle bat work and bat exclusion.

When it comes to exclusion work for pest or wildlife issues we can handle it all. Exclusion work is just another thing that separates AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control for other pest control companies. Many pest control companies won’t even touch exclusion work and even more companies won’t handle wildlife exclusion issues. We’re typically the company other pest control companies call to handle such things.

Exclusion work is a very important part in resolving the customers problem. It all goes back to our approach we are in the business of solving problems not just offering temporary relief. With other pest control companies who don’t do exclusion work they may have a residential mouse customer for 20 years or more because they are treating the symptom not solving the problem. Treating the symptom, like many others do, can lead to hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent with no real solution made. The customer just accepts they have a problem and that control is their only option. Not with AMPEST, our goal is to set out to solve the problem and many times exclusion work is a part of that solution. Now I do want to caution that we are not miracle workers, there are some instances where extensive work would need to be done to remedy the problem. For example a low-lying deck where there are lots of gaps and no access for a technician to get to the problem area without pulling the deck up. But situations like this are exceptions not the rule. We generally, through proper, professionally executed exclusion work can get the job done successfully.

Exclusion work is a very important part in resolving the customers problem.

Pest and wildlife exclusion is a big part in solving a problem and not just controlling an issue.
Exclusion work for insects, rodents, and wildlife is very important when a customer has a problem. Proper exclusion work can mean the difference in solving and eliminating a problem or just controlling an ongoing issue. AMPEST is out to solve our customers problems correctly and effectively the first time.

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