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AMPEST providing Exterminating & Wildlife Control services for industrial companies

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Industrial Pest Control

Pest control is incredibly important in industrial facilities especially if the facility has anything to do with the handling, production, packaging, of distribution of food products. These facilities that have anything to do with food are often inspected by a third party. That can be the FDA, USDA or other agencies. Pest control is important in these specific types of facilities because inspectors can cease operations in extreme situations. These cease production orders can halt production in situations where recommendations or orders aren't complied with.

Industries Served

  • Food Processing
  • Food Packaging
  • Food Distribution
  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing
  • Refineries
  • And Many More!!!

Facilities managers, having a quality effective pest control maintenance solution in place can mean the difference of hitting bonus or not, especially if your facility fails inspections. Of course it can also lead to poor evaluations if you aren’t on top of your facilities pest problem. Having a service that's well documented is important, and that the service is set up properly as far as maintenance frequency and placement of rodent equipment. A properly executed pest control maintenance plan is extremely important in these types of facilities.


And the logbook is critical, for that to be done properly, that’s why logbooks are a standard practice for servicing any industrial facility. Refineries are another industrial property type we provide pest control maintenance and wildlife services for. Refineries typically have large cafeterias so regular pest control maintenance is a must. Usually we provide an array of rodent equipment that needs to be checked and maintained for the best results. AMPEST always keeps track of each visit in the logbook. Some refineries we service daily.

The main pest problem industrial facilities encounter is rodents. Rodents tend to be the most common pest we are dealing with and proper management is key. We need to make sure the equipment is in good condition at all times. We don’t just check rodent equipment but we focus on keeping it clean.

Rodent equipment can get smashed or damaged by forklifts and other equipment so its vital to the integrity of the pest maintenance solution that all equipment is in working order and replaced quickly if it’s not. Sometimes people will take, from these industrial facilities ,the pest control equipment home to use around their house. Our AMPEST technicians identify locations where equipment has been removed and make sure its replaced as soon as possible. Ensuring the pest control equipment is cleaned, replaced, and maintained properly is a vital part of our AMPEST technicians responsibilities. Keeping precise records in the logbooks are also a crucial part of maintaining an effective pest management solution for industrial accounts.

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Industrial Wildlife Control

AMPEST offers wildlife control services to industrial facilities as well as pest control and pest control maintenance solutions.

There is a wide variety of wildlife calls we’ve received throughout the years and have succeeded in solving for our industrial clients. With industrial facilities we get calls for wildlife anywhere from squirrels, skunks, and raccoons to foxes, coyotes, and birds. If your industrial facility has a wildlife problem we can help, and we’ve probably dealt with it before. We also provide carcass or dead animal removal as a service when needed for industrial properties.

Bird work is a big area of wildlife control that we get calls for servicing industrial facilities. Birds can get in warehouses and control is especially important when it comes to any food grade warehouse. Birds just can’t be in any food grade facility because their presence and fecal droppings can quickly result in an inspector shutting down the facility.


AMPEST provides a mist netting solution, or other options, that helps remove the problem bird from the area. There are other removal options we utilize especially when it comes to sparrows, starlings, and pigeons. We also provide pigeon trapping for our industrial clients who can often have a pigeon problem. These birds, sparrows, starlings and pigeons, can cause major issues for industrial facilities but we have vast experience and can quickly come in and control the wildlife issue.

Whether your industrial facility has a pest problem or a wildlife issue AMPEST is ready to help!

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