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Pest control is important in all commercial cases and institutional facilities are no different.

With institutional pest control there are additional measures and steps of precaution, that need to be considered. Depending on the type of institutional property we are looking to control and treat for pest problems we may have to vary our approach or scheduling. There are certain rules and extra laws in place for some of these institutional facilities like schools or healthcare properties that dictate or effect our course of treatment.

Just like any other commercial customer we issue logbooks for all institutional pest control customers. This allows for quality records showing, treatment, material used, days our technicians treated areas or maintained equipment that’s being used, etcetera. The logbooks also include other important information, for instance, there is a labels and SDS sheet section. Logbooks are always used in an institutional pest control situation if AMPEST is servicing that institutional client.


Educational Institution Pest Control

With educational institutions there are actual laws that need to be followed to the letter when it comes to pest control, especially if we are using a spray material application. You just can’t go around spraying willy nilly when students, teachers, and staff are around. Same thing goes for healthcare institutions, especially retirement homes or assisted living facilities. We work closely with the facilities managers of these institutional properties to ensure the safety of all involved. We focus on IPM, integrated pest management, for these types of institutional facilities when we are dealing with pest control.

We practice integrated pest management in all educational institutions. Essentially that means we go in, do a thorough inspection and determine the appropriate course of action for each individual case and situation.

If we can address an issue with baits specifically where ants or roaches are the pest problem we apply the appropriate pest materials and products. The problem and the type of facility will dictate if we are able to apply rodent bait, but we are careful to only use this treatment method in certain areas that are locked up and tampering won’t be a problem. This is extremely important when there are young students or children present, we don’t want them to, out of curiosity, tamper with any baiting.

Our approach is usually a thorough inspection, baiting where it makes sense and is safe, and if an application of aerosol, liquid residual, and those types of applications are required, we have a whole process to follow and go through. Typically in these instances especially in schools there is a 72-hour notice that needs to go out to all parents and guardians. Treatment is always done off hours when students, faculty and staff are not present. We always do exterior pest control applications when school is not in session. It's a preventative measure to keep insects, ants and occasional invaders and spiders and things like that out when school is in session. That could be a winter break too, or a spring break or through the summer when school is not in session.

So for institutional properties like grade schools, high schools, colleges and universities our pest control approach is specifically IPM (integrated pest management). Inspection, then baiting, which is acceptable for pest control of primarily ants or roaches.


This is usually focused on areas where food is present, like the cafeteria. Untreated pest problems can cause the school a big problem too if they don't know the rules and they let things go on that aren't appropriately treated and controlled. Schools can even lose funding or potentially be sued if they mishandle a pest problem. That's why a professional pest control company like AMPEST is needed to solve the problem and help prevent any further issues or repercussions.

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Healthcare Facility Pest Control

With elder-care institutional facilities, namely nursing homes, assisted living residences and retirement homes, we also need to take extra special measures when treating an elderly persons unit.

The resident needs to be out of their room for usually a minimum of four hours sometimes longer.

It’s important that the treatment used, if it's a spray or liquid product, has the appropriate amount of time to dry. We always follow the label and in these institutional facilities cases its even more critical to do so.

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Government and Financial Institutions Pest Control

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Usually pest control treatment will take place during off hours while the least amount of people are present.

With other institutional facilities like government buildings or financial institutions scheduling is always a factor when considering treatment and control. Usually pest control treatment will take place during off hours while the least amount of people are present. We, as pest control professionals, can’t be walking around spraying corners and baseboards while a bank or government building is open to the public.

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Rodent Control for Institutional Properties

With most institutional properties an ongoing maintenance program is needed for exterior rodent control. We would commonly have some exterior rodent control equipment in place, which can be in tamper resistant and secured bait stations

All of our rodent bait or even traps are placed in tamper resistant and secured bait stations for safety for not only people but also off target animals. So rodent pest control can be snap traps inside the secured tamper resistant base stations or it can be bait. Most commercial, industrial, institutional facilities will have some rodent control equipment, with rodent control measures in place, at least on the exterior perimeter of the structure.

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Institutional Wildlife Control

The core culprits are typically what we are dealing with regarding institutional wildlife control, that would be skunks, squirrels, and raccoons. Of course we can service an institutional facility for any wildlife issue they may be having. From dead animal removal which is very important especially for schools where children could be present, to bird control to beavers.


AMPEST is well versed in beaver control.

We’ve done work for municipalities and other institutional customers, including the village of Schaumburg. Beaver control and removal, is a very important service because if not remedied beaver dams can cause flooding and property damage. Beavers can be found in towns and villages especially in areas where there are numerous water sources like streams, rivers, ponds and so forth. We recently did two beaver jobs where they were building dams and it was causing flooding in a subdivision. It’s important that we quickly and professionally control the situation and remove the beavers so more property damage isn’t done.

Property damage can be the physical grounds where the beavers have chewed down trees, ornamental trees and such near ponds or streams and also physical property damage to buildings due to flooding. Institutional properties and especially municipalities can’t have beavers taking down trees, building dams, and causing flooding so beaver control is very important. AMPEST is very seasoned in beaver control.

Canadian geese are a wildlife nuisance that we are very familiar with handling and resolving.

Canadian geese can become a big problem especially when there is a pond or multiple ponds on the institutional facilities property. Canadian geese can be very territorial particularly when nesting. Special permits are required that we need to obtain to properly handle and remove Canadian geese nesting and eggs. Because they are very protective of their nest they will even come at people which can be a big problem especially if the nest is near an entrance for the specific building whether it be a school, government building, hospital or healthcare facility or other institutions property.


Canadian geese can also nest around parking lot areas specifically those that have bushes or other foliage. It’s never a good situation when a goose is chasing someone who’s just trying to get into their vehicle. So that animal and their nest would need to be removed and we handle all these types of situations.

Whether it is a pest problem or a wildlife issue, AMPEST is experienced in servicing institutional properties. With top of the line customer service, great communication, from initial phone call with one of our fantastic administrative staff to our expert technicians, and a solution oriented approach AMPEST is well suited and ready to handle any institutions pest or wildlife need.

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