Keeping Up With Bats

Keeping Up With Bats

Bats are the little pest control allies responsible for eating many mosquitoes every year

The two species that can be found in the Chicagoland Area are Eptesicus Fuscus, AKA Big Brown Bat and Myotis Lucifugus, AKA Little Brown Bat

Bats hibernate during the winter

but become active as soon as the temperature rises and mosquitoes start swarming again.

Cool facts

Cool facts

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Preservation & Control



Bats’ numbers are decreasing due to the white-nose syndrome, a fungus that makes them become active and burn up the fat they need to survive during the winter when they should be hibernating.


Bats are protected during mating season. It’s illegal to trap them and their permanent eviction can only be performed during a brief window of time by professionals

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