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AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control is proud to serve our residential and all commercial type clients in the area of wildlife control.

Wildlife control is a service that sets us apart from many pest control companies. Wildlife control is a service many pest control companies won’t even get into. In fact a lot of pest control companies call us to handle their wildlife control cases.

Wildlife control is regulated and controlled by the Department of Natural Resources. Wildlife control is a big deal with many laws, regulations, and guidelines that must be followed properly. All of the nuisance wildlife animals we service for our customers, for the most part, are protected. That's why a wildlife control technician must have a permit through the DNR. It's a permit that's pretty tough to get. It's not a simple test. It's very difficult. Technicians must receive an 80% on the test or better, and each year it needs to be renewed. For this reason many companies shy away from offering wildlife services.

Most of the wildlife control animals we deal with are protected fur bearing mammals, protected by the DNR. Most of the bird species we help control are also protected, and many require additional permits to control. There are major fines if someone is caught trying to control a protected animal without possessing the appropriate permits or licenses. Every single AMPEST wildlife control technician is properly permitted. We consider our guys wildlife control specialists because they’ve been doing it so long, have kept up with their DNR permit on an annual basis and have pretty much seen it all. Our AMPEST wildlife control technicians are true experts in the industry.

When it comes to wildlife control there are no hidden fees or charges. Because wildlife control is regulated by the DNR they require a service agreement to be in place. Any service work that's performed must be put in writing with pricing clearly explained and scope of work disclosed so there’s no surprises for a wildlife control customer. At AMPEST we offer fair wildlife control services, provided by professionally trained, experienced, permitted technicians who know how to handle any wildlife control issue.

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