Wildlife Guide

Our highly trained, experienced pest control specialists are motivated to, not just spray and leave, they are determined to find the cause and fix it. AMPEST isn’t focused on just controlling your pest problem we want to exterminate it. From the typical pests like ants, roaches, and rodents to occasional invaders, to stinging insects we can solve any of your pest problem needs.

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5 Ways to Keep Wildlife at Bay

No man is an island and we all are constantly sharing our spaces with wildlife.

What’s The Noise Coming From My Attic?

Signs raccoons are living under your roof Do you hear scratching noises coming from the attic? Knocking noises coming from the roof or inside the walls?  Chittering, growling, or screeching? Is the activity mostly present at night? These are signs that one or several Raccoons might be living somewhere inside your house or nearby, maybe…

How To Deal With Skunks

Keeping Up With Bats