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AMPEST is proud to be servicing numerous clients in the commercial setting for not only pest control but also wildlife control.

We’ve listed below the commercial type properties that AMPEST is currently servicing. If you don’t see your commercial type building in the provided list rest assured we can probably service your needs too. We also provide our professional pest and wildlife control commercial services to Industrial and Institutional clients which can be found on their specific pages on this website. Let's look at some of the subsets of commercial pest control types we are proudly servicing.


  • Food Services
  • Grocery Stores
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Casual Dining Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Shops
  • Warehouse / Big Box Stores

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Multi-Unit Housing
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Home Owners Associations
  • And More!
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Food Service Commercial Pest and Wildlife Control


Pest control is very important for food service businesses

like restaurants, fast food, casual, and fine dining. Many towns and villages require that a food service establishment have a pest control service. Often this is a monthly inspection or monthly pest maintenance program, for some restaurants our service frequency is even shorter, say every two weeks or sometimes weekly. A pest maintenance program is vitally important to food service businesses like restaurants because sanitation is so critical. You just can't have insects in a food handling, food preparation, any food service establishment.

You just can't have insects or rodents. Restaurants and other food service businesses can be shut down for having an infestation of insects or rodents by the Department of Public Health. That can be a death blow to a food service business. If patrons find out you’ve been shut down due to health code violations you’ve probably lost them as a customer, they’re never coming back. This is why a regularly scheduled pest control maintenance plan is so valuable to a food service business. When a pest control maintenance plan is executed properly by a professional pest control company like AMPEST the likelihood of a health code violation for pests is greatly reduced. When it comes to wildlife, especially for a restaurant, you just don’t want them around. Raccoons, skunks, and squirrels are the most common culprits when it comes to commercial wildlife control. A restaurant doesn’t need skunks or raccoons hanging around dumpsters. Being seen on the property can be a real issue too.

Dining Room

If a patron is pulling up at a restaurant and there's a raccoon walking past the front door or a squirrel popping out of a hole near the entrance, that's a problem. We serviced a high end steak house that had a squirrel problem. A mother squirrel who had made a home in a hole right above the main entrance. She had a litter in there as well, so it was a big deal that affected the appearance of the restaurant and the emotions of the patrons. We were able to rectify the situation professionally and get the problem resolved.

For food services, pest and wildlife control is very important not only for food safety and sanitation, but also appearance and guest perception.

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Restaurant Pest Control and Flies

There are various types of flies that can wreak havoc on commercial properties especially food service locations. There are large flies like the blowfly that are typically found where there's garbage or dead rodent carcasses. They can get into a building too and not only be a nuisance, bothering guests and employees, but also can leave fecal matter behind, just like mice. Flies are as dirty as where they've been, places like feces, trash, and rotting animal carcass. So it's important to know what type of fly we are dealing with so we can properly treat the problem.

There are a number of small fly species that can be problematic for commercial buildings especially restaurants and bars. There's fruit flies that love rotting fruit, vegetables, and alcohol. For example a little swill in a beer bottle or bottom of a glass is a perfect environment to attract fruit flies. And very quickly you can potentially have a fruit fly problem on your hands. Drain flies are another nuisance fly that can cause problems for a restaurant.


With cruddy areas underneath dishwashers where there’s moisture and warmth, that’s a prime spot for drain flies. We do a lot of drain treatments for restaurants to combat these types of flies. If there are live plants in the establishment there are other flying insects that can become bothersome too. Everyone has experienced at one time or another a small flying insect bothering them during a meal. It can be a very difficult thing for a food service business to control. In fact, every year pest control companies lose multiple customers to another pest control company because of small fly issues that are hard to get rid of.


We have a lot of success and a fairly effective approach here at AMPEST when it comes to fly issues. We’ve gotten pretty good at solving these issues for our clients and therefore we have a really high retention rate with our restaurant commercial business clients. We offer drain service, drain cleaning and drain treatment services that are a great add-on to an existing pest maintenance service to help control these fly issues. We highly recommend these services to any of our restaurant or food related commercial clients.

The most common problem for most commercial food service instances are ants, roaches, flies, and rodents. Stinging insects can also be a problem for any commercial account. AMPEST is well versed in servicing and solving any and all of these commercial pest control needs.

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Retail Commercial Property Pest Control

It's not good for retail commercial businesses employees to see and know that there's some type of insect or rodent problem that's ongoing.

It can cause people to leave. That also applies to your customers. They may leave and never come back and it can be harmful to the business if word is out that there's insect or rodent issues in any retail establishment. Pest can cause a lot of damage to products for retail businesses, that's why it’s worth the investment in regular pest maintenance. Pests whether it’s insects or rodents can cause hundreds, even thousands of dollars in product damage costing a retailer valuable revenue. For example, rodents getting inside the cartons of toilet paper to nest. Retail store owners can lose money off of damaged products and/or contaminated products from either insects or rodents. Ants and rodents are some of the main pest issues for retail commercial property.

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Hospitality Pest Control


Hotels and motels are another commercial property type that AMPEST services.

Many of these hospitality commercial properties have a kitchen or dining area or other location where food is present. Anywhere food is present is a potential area for a rodent or ant problem. Hotels can’t afford to have a rodent problem. A rodent problem can ruin the reputation of an establishment and cost hundreds if not thousands in lost business.

Rodent control is essential to have in place for a hotel or motel. Typical equipment and treatment areas include around the perimeter, exterior, any food handling, food preparation areas, food service areas within the hotel or motel. Pest control service is definitely needed to once again prevent either contamination to food products, or damage to products that need to be thrown out.

Then you're going to get into treating individual rooms. You can't have spiders or ants popping up in a room. Bed bugs infestation are on the rise over the last few years and for a hotel or motel it’s critical to remedy a bed bug problem quickly. Again if patrons find out there is a bed bug problem at your hotel or motel you will likely lose their patronage. We provide specific bed bug solutions that would be in addition to any pest maintenance program a hotel or motel is currently on.

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Property Management Pest Control

AMPEST does a considerable amount of property management business, we’ve seen it all and we’re pretty good at servicing these types of clients.

Whether its a residential multi-unit building, apartment complex, office building, condominium complex or other multi-unit housing AMPEST provides services for all these types of commercial buildings. Usually a property management company is responsible for building maintenance in these types of commercial properties. AMPEST does a considerable amount of property management business, we’ve seen it all and we’re pretty good at servicing these types of clients. We work closely with the property managers, handling work orders and any other phone calls that come to us from our property management clients.


We know that a quick response time is very important to our property management clients so we make sure we are always responsive in a timely manner. There’s a lot of communication that takes place to effectively set up treatment and service. If Mrs. Smith in unit 2B is having an ant issue we have to work with not only the property management company but also Mrs. Smith to set up service and properly execute treatment. Then we follow up with the property management company or property manager to inform them on the services provided to Mrs. Smith. If exclusion work is needed we’ll need to additionally communicate that to the property management company or manager because in some cases approval for that type of service is needed. We handle these types of situations all the time and are fully equipped to service our property management clients.

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Commercial Wildlife Control


When it comes to commercial wildlife control we are equipped to handle any wildlife issue that might arise.

Our expertly trained wildlife control specialists are experienced in all types of wildlife control. From the typical nuisance wildlife like skunks, squirrels, and raccoons to the obscure animals like beavers, bats, or birds, our team of wildlife experts are permitted through the DNR and ready to handle any wildlife case. Our wildlife team can also handle dead animal removal and specially licensed wildlife control for birds such as woodpeckers or geese. We are very familiar with bat control too. We service multiple property management clients for bat control when the need arises. We’ve also been called in to remove foxes and coyotes too. Our AMPEST wildlife control specialists are some of the best in the industry and have seen and handled pretty much anything you can throw at us. We are always happy to serve our commercial clients wildlife control needs.

No matter what commercial building type you need pest or wildlife control for, AMPEST is very experienced in solving any problem you may be having. From our wildlife services to our pest maintenance services to our specialized pest solutions we are more than ready and able to service your needs.

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